Any space can come to live and provide immersiveness and interactiveness through the use of screens and projections.

Screens & Projections

From mapping over structures, to holographic projections, fog or water screens, 360 projection domes, video walls among many other, today the amount of options and solutions available are perfect to meet any need or expectation.

The effective enhancement of locations through interactiveness, projections and/or screens help bring spaces to live which leads to providing a more engaging experience and generating a more powerful impact to any audience or visitors.

360 Dome Projection - Iberdrola Interactive Quiz Roulette - Colgate
Interactive Air Tennis - Rafa Nadal Museum
Interactive Air Tennis - Samsung Interactive Hall - B.Braun
Interactive Air Basketball - NBA Café

From small places for intimate experiences to huge venues for a crowded audience, a strategic definition of the most suitable configuration of screens and projections can help transforming any place into an interactive, dynamic and engaging experience. Bring spaces to live and enhance them through the innovative use of screens and projections.