4D, Sensorial or Experiential Installations allow people not only to live but to feel and sense immersive experiences.

Experiential Installations

Experiential Installations enable customers to experience full immersiveness which is achieved by combining sense enhancement (touch, sight, hearing, smell, taste, motion, direction, space…) and prebuilt simulators or bespoke installations.

Through Experiential Installations we can take people to get fully immersed in any world or any story we want them to live, and to feel any emotion we want them to experience. We can reach our customers further and beyond ever before.

VR Rowboat Simulator - Iberdrola Windwill VR 4D POD - Iberdrola
VR Bike Simulator - Switzerland Tourism
VR Surf Simulator - Iberdrola 4D Rally Simulator - VW Group
4D Concert Experience - Adidas Primavera Sound

Either if it's to tell a story about a brand or product, to allow people to feel a brand character or simply for the sake of entertainment and fun, Experiential Installations make it possible to impact users like never before, fully immerse them in the experience and leave a footprint beyond their memories.