Smarter machines help making humans smarter and more effective.

Augmented Assistants

Augmented Assistants include technologies like IOT, robots, AI or Virtual Assistants, among others. This technologies allow the possibility to offer people a more advanced, tailored and personalized experience in any context and at any space.

Thanks to the Augmented Assistants we can enhance any sort of experience with a unique touch of innovation by using the latest solutions in technology specifically built to provide a more personal experience, controlled by voice or motion sensors, among others.

Robot Host - Iberdrola Bespoke AI Interaction - Visyon
Holographic Assistant - Accenture
Voice Control for IOT - XRPitstop showroom Bartender Robot - Visyon
Robot Assistant - Visyon

Siri, Cortana, Alexa, Google, Nao, Macco, Pepper or your own bespoke assistant, all of them are here to provide a more personalized experience through natural interaction and the latest solution in Augmented and Artificial Intelligence. This sort of innovation provides the possibilities to deliver a more personalized experience, a one to one with technology.